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Ok, so what you see here is the start of our Online Poster Database ,broken up into Australian/NZ and Overseas categories. These run the breadth of music such as Oz prog Rock from the 1970's to 1980's Australian Indie, to American Soul to Garage Punk to the King through to the Crue !!! This section will grow every week,so come back and have a sticky every now and then and see how you fare. When we send 'em out,the majority will go in Poster tubes (anywhere in the world) excepting some of the already folded ones,which we may put into stock A4 envelopes etc… The standard poster size we are working off is your 23 inches down by 16.5 across (59cm down by 42cm across). Look for individual poster descriptions to determine if they are bigger or smaller. Any questions - email us. Hope u find some wall candy!

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Australian /New Zealand Posters

Asteroid B-612 - Teenage Sublimation Riffs -small size poster$ 4
Birthday Party - Junkyard -90's repro w/: back catalogue alb thumbnails$ 5
Bored! - Black and White band pic$ 6
Budd -Ovit promo poster (with multiple folds)$ 4
Celibate Rifles - Los Fusiles -Black and White promo w/: Ben Brown artwork$ 8
Church - 1992 tour poster for 'Priest=Aura'$16
Died Pretty - 1990's  band pic$ 6
Exploding White Mice -Small size Au-Go-Go promo$ 3
Fauves - Shock treatment tour w/: Ripe and The Glory Box$ 5
Food - Small size Au-Go-Go label promo$ 2
Gerling -The Deer in You - ep promo ,fully signed by the boyz ! (small size)$ 8
Go-Betweens - Wild ,huge promo poster for '16 Lovers Lane' !$16
God -Rock is Hell -Original Au-Go-Go promo poster of the boys on the bed !$ 8
Guttersnipes -Au-Go-Go promo poster for their 'Blurred' ep$ 4
Guttersnipes- Small size promo for 'face the day' ep$ 2
Hoodoo Gurus - Mars needs Guitars - Cool LP promo$ 8
Kim Salmon ? the Surrealists -Essence -Fully Autographed promo poster !$12
Magic Dirt - I was Cruel - Hardstock small size poster which came in their Oz 10"$ 8
Magic Dirt - Longways band pic !$ 6
Magic Dirt - Ltd USA Silk Screen (# out of 200)$20
Magic Dirt -Excellent Orange promo poster for 'Life was Better..' ep$ 8
Magic Dirt- Red ? washed out brown band pic for 'Friends in Danger'$ 8
Meanies -10% weird -Au-Go-Go album promo$ 6
Meanies -Amazing large size Orange Euro Tour Poster !  Fantastic graphic$30
Meanies -Meanie of Life -Au-Go-Go promo$ 8
Midget - Set of three small size Au-Go-Go album /Ep promo posters !$ 6
Moodists - Promo poster for 'Where the trees walk downhill'$ 6
Moodists - Black and White band pic !$16
Mouth -Victim Chant -album promo$ 8
New Christs - Like a Curse -Classic era band photo etc…$15
No -Huge size photo collage (also comes in the $20 LP pack w/: bonus 7" ? Wallet)$ 4
Orange - Flying Nun Indie$10
Painters ? Dockers -Love Planet  promo$ 6
Paul Kelly - Huge close up pic /album promo$ 8
Perkins,Walker,Owens - -Sad but true promo group shot$ 6
Poppin' Mommas -Cartoon Monster graphic$ 4
Powder Monkeys - 2 x small color posters for 'Time Wounds all Heels'$ 5
Powder Monkeys -Time wounds all heels -B?W poster$ 5
Radio Birdman -Original 1977 oz tour poster w/: Iggy Pop (which was cancelled!) Nice$50
Ramp Riot - Smallish/Cool Skater poster w/: Hellmenn/Slushpuppies/S.I.C.$10
Reels- Orange band name -Laminated ! $15
S.I.C. - Pink ? Black promo for their 'screaming in churches' 12" (feat: Damo-pre 28 days)$ 8
Seaweed Goorillas -Longways promo poster$ 5
Seaweed Goorillas -Set of 2 -'Ode to Pain' and band pic$ 5
Shihad -'Churn' -Neat big size promo poster ! (now known as 'Pacifier')$12
Snout - Cleans and Brightens -Debut ep promo poster ! Red ? Blue$ 8
Snout - Longways seagull pic /Au-Go-Go promo$ 5
Snout -Small size set of 3 color promo posters !$ 6
Spiderbait -Sha Sha Va Glava -Au-Go-Go issue promo poster w/: neat graphics$ 8
Spy Vs Spy -Orange /Green fluro poster$ 8
Sunset Strip - Blue original Au-Go-Go poster for 'Going Home' (1986)$ 6
Swinging from the Trees -Original 1988 Sydney launch poster for Au-Go-Go comp LP$10
Throwaways -Washed out green Au-Go-Go album promo$ 3
Triffids -Nice big size poster for their 'Black Swan' album !  Very spesh$12
Warped -Set of two small size Au-Go-Go color promos -pre 2001 alb$ 5

Overseas Band/Artist Posters

Einsturzende Neubauten -Beautiful Original Oz tour poster w/: Beasts of Bourbon !$25
Mudhoney -Piece of cake - Card Display promo poster$10
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Mo' Width -Small size Au-Go-Go promo poster$ 5
Sonic Youth -Classic era band pic w/: red border -$10
**Stay tuned for some July/August updates in this section !

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