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Interview by Scotti

So Dave, what sort of obstacles have you faced in getting to this point?
It's been a bit of a slog for the last 3 years,we brewed down in Gippsland for a while cause we didn't have our own set up then. It was really hard to make enough beer to be able to make any kind of in roads -so it was just a slog to get what runs on the board we could. In the end it paid off,through sheer persistence and limiting where our beer was sold to places that we really liked and that spoke for itself. Now we've got our own set up and have more control over production etc. we're getting around a bit more now.

Please describe to us your Pale Ale and Hightail brews.
The Hightail Ale is the first beer we made -it's an amber coloured 'Real Ale'. Full of caramel aromas and flavours & a creamy hopped finish - slightly minerally for that English touch! It's actually served through a hand pump at the Brandon Hotel in Carlton. The Pale Ale is a little more hoppy than the Hightail & not as sweet & caramelly - it's a pretty dry, crisp brew though not without body. Around the same colour as a Cooper's Pale Ale, though not as cloudy. Both beers are bottle & keg carbonated naturally at 4.5% alc/vol.

I really like the design aspect as well as the beer itself - you seem to have all the bases covered thus far, or do you have bigger brewer aspirations?
One of our dreams is to build a zero emissions brewery somewhere out of town. The idea is that we have no waste (or minimal waste). The used malt grains can be used to grow mushrooms, develop a worm farm with the mushroom farm, grow organic malt, recycle our water into a natural dam etc. - there is a model that has been developed in Europe & trials have been done already - we'd love to take that to some level but that's a fair way off yet.

What sort of music do you like spinning in the house of Goat?
Lots of stuff - right now I'm listening to Mojo Nixon & the Toad Liquors doing Horny Holidays, Getting ready for Xmas. The cover's got a pic of Elvis & santa on the back - very spiritual man.

And do you stand on ladders with big sticks and stir the pot?

Any bites overseas to get yourselves into UK bars etc.
No doesn't really interest us yet, we'd rather establish ourselves in Melbourne for now. But one day, hey, we'd love to.

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