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The Gossip
"Movement" (CD)
Everyone's talking about The Gossip! They bash out punky, spunky anthems you'll find impossible to resist if you got feet that wanna dance.

Mars Volta
"Deloused At The Comatorium" (CD)
Out of the ashes of At The Drive-In comes the mighty Mars Volta whose new full-length confirms there was something dark & sinister lurking in The Drive-In afros.

Various Artists
"Rough Trade Shop's Rock 'n' Roll" (2CD)
What with the nouveau post-punk movement causing a stir Rough Trade sit the Slits & the Rapture alongside the Slits & Gang of Four etc. What the hell, you naysayers - it's all good!

The Blackeyed Susans
"Shangri La" (CD)
Like the bizarre bazaar on the back, this record contains ostentatious wonders & hidden treasures. Shangri-La is a place worth exploring.

Various Artists
"New York Noise" (CD)
Everybody on the post-punk bus! But if it means comps like this then who's complaining?

"Happy Music For Happy People" (CD)
These guys are like that Bjork song "It's Oh So Quiet" but their manic mood swings keep us enthralled.

Gillian Welch
"Soul Journey" (CD)
Heroine of the scene though more of a purist of the genre than we're likely to encounter in these alt.everything days.

The Devastations
"The Devastations" (CD)
Featuring Augogo's very own swarthy open shirted wonder Conrad Standish, the riffarama of Tom Carlyon & the precise rock steadiness of Hugo Cran, the Devastations explore the seemier side of love, betrayal & subsequent obsession on their achingly emotive debut where the only way to stop the hurt is to turn up the feedback.

Yeah Yeah Yeah's
"Fever To Tell" (CD)
NY's enfants terribles debut shake up rock & electro influences into a froth n' bubble sound of now. All the hip young things are losing their cool to this album & you will too!

Mess Hall
"Feeling Sideways" (CD)
Sydney two piece from the wrong side of the tracks get gritty with hard workin' blues. The latest in the no-bass wave that still stirs a helluva racket.

Whirlwind Heat
"Do Rabbits Wonder?" (CD)
First there was Jack White, now there's every band he's ever shared some air with! The latest installment is the jerky angular Whirlwind Heat. Think new wave with a Detroit edge.

Neil Michael Hagerty
"The Howling Hex" (CD)
Royal Trux main man's 3rd solo album. He's a Guitar Genius with magic fingers & a rough n' ready drawl to boot. We loooove this guy!

"Phoenix" (CD)
Local release of psychedelic upstarts wowing 'em all with spellbinding narcotic anthems. It's a trip & you can really bug out to it.

Godspeed You Black Emperor
"Yanqui U.X.O" (CD) (2LP)
Another grand sweeping affair by these post-rock heroes. If intelligent instrumentation is your thing then get into this.

Various Artists
" Rough Trade Shops Rock'n Roll 1" (2CD)
Oh what a comp! 46 tracks of kicking, screaming rock terror from the best in the biz. Hell once you see what's on it, you won't need convincing!

Various Artists
"Cherrystone's Rocks" (CD) (2LP)
This treasure trove of 70s prog-psych gems compiled by Gareth Goddard flashes back to funky times in rock. Look out for the sample used by DJ Shadow!

The Faint
"Danse Macabre" (CD)
Got ants in your pants & need to dance? Do it New York style with a nod to the dark side of the 80s (as opposed to the fluro side)

The New Christs
"We Got This!" (CD) (2LP)
Word is, this is the LAST release from Rob Younger & co, but they leave us with as much sweatin' style as we've come to love.

Radio 4
"Gotham!" (CD) (LP)
All hail the new new wave. Latest bearers of the jerkily danceable angular guitar torch. Is it fuck art let's dance or fuck dance let's art? You be the judge.

The Datsuns
"S/T" (CD) (LP)
Believe the hype! Riffs, raunch & ripsnorting rock action from NZ. No doubt THE party album this summer!

Jurassic 5
"Power In Numbers" (2CD)
What's a better mood booster than the sun shining & beats bouncing? The J5 are a certified ticket to a good time.

Machine Translations
"Happy" (CD)
Ever-reliable Spunk! does it again with earnest pop gems from fine songsmith J Walker.

"Trust" (CD) (2LP)
The sublime Low return with their latest on Kranky. For sensitive souls.

The D4
"6 Twenty" (CD)
The D4 have as many rock exploits as their comrades the Datsuns, but not the exposure ... yet?

Lime Spiders
"Nine Miles High" (CD)
Finally a CD release of this seminal but oft-overlooked Aussie band. Chockerblock of angsty anthems you need to own!

Weird War
"S/T" (CD) (LP)
Neil Hagerty of Royal Trux geetar grinding behind Ian Svenonious of the Make-Up's snake-hipped swagger? Dream no longer, daddy-o - it's the best!

Various Artists
"Sonic Mook Experiment" (2CD)
Cheap my fanny! But the future of rock n' roll is worth every penny with Clinic, Liars, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Electrelane, the Beatings & oh so much more crammed inside this all killer comp! Vinyl on it's way ...

The Avalanches
"A Different Feeling" (12")
Remix your summer with A Different Feeling indeed as one of The Avalanches' most infectious tracks from their still very happennin' "Since I Left You" album gets all fresh & jiggy courtesy of UK electro heavyweights. Did someone say limited?

The Pattern
"Real Feelness" (CD)
San Francisco's Pattern release their debut album proper bubbling over with infectious bratty punk on a pop bent

"Keep It Hot..." (Cdep)
Melbourne's own rock n' roll playboys serve up five meaty riffs on their first CD release.

Kimya Dawson
"I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean" (CD)
The riper half of the Moldy Peaches' belated solo release on Rough Trade. As you'd expect.....kooky but oh so catchy!
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Died Pretty
"My Generation Landslide " (CD)
They may've called it a day but not before releasing yet another sublime road-worthy gem

Sleater Kinney
"One Beat" (CD)
Sleater-Kinney return with their most accomplished rekid to date with fine vocal harmonies and a big rock sound. Rumoured to be touring Australia later this year. Fingers crossed!


The Drones
"Here Come The Lies" (CD)

Debut album of country, dirge riddled blues, garage and rock'n'roll from this Melbourne four piece who were voted Best New Local Talent‚ by The Age last year.



Bright Eyes
"Lifted" (CD)

New on Spunk is Bright Eyes‚ first album to be locally released. Lifted‚ is a 72 minute journey into the tortured mind of 23 year old singer songwriter Conor Oberst. Amazing stuff - essential to any fan of Will Oldham or Smog!



Queens Of The Stone Age
"Songs For The Deaf" (CD)

More rock action from the revamped Queens now featuring Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) and Mark Lanegan. Special limited edition package comes with a DVD disc.



The Tigers
"Christmas Album" (CD)

2nd proper album from these Perth upstarts following their recent Remixesâ double CD and limited 12". On the wonderful Sensory Projects label, home to Sadness Is In The Sky magazine.



Legends Of Motorsport
"S/T" (CD)

The Legends are back with their second EP. Complete with excellent cover art by Wankuss and a guest vocal appearance by the power house that is Linda J (ex- Little Ugly Girls).



Brian Jonestown Massacre
"Bravery, Repetition and Noise" (CD)

New full length from this San Francisco 3 piece. Inspired by My Bloody Valentine and Spaceman 3, their music has a very primal sound backed up with great rock songs.